Nov 13, 2011
Hage's Violent Treaty
Jacob van Hage - Convoi (Original Mix) [Spinnin']
Jacob van Hage vs D-Wayne - Eponym (Original Mix) [Dim Mak]
Avicii vs Myback - Blomman Levels (Jacob van Hage Mashup)

In the midst of an identity crisis, trance loyalists will take little comfort in the arrival of Jacob van Hage. His music has been described as a “special blend of rough and raw beats mixed with a euphoric sound straight from his heart; a perfect blend for the dancefloor.” Among the first producers to get trancestep–the integration of trance and dubstep–right with Spotfire, Hage’s ascent will inevitably fuel the continued disintegration of barriers between trance, progressive, and other subgenres. His newest bomber off Doorn Records, Convoi, stands out as one Hage’s deadliest tracks to date.

A massive blaster made especially for large crowds, Convoi’s heavy thunks bring even the most veteran dance listeners to their knees. Seamlessly transporting you into a progressive melody, the uplifting phase creates a temporary moment of safety before diving you back into its hard jives. Another recent release, Eponym, is nearly as good as Convoi, and just as hard. Taking some cues from Bart B More’s notorious Brap, Eponym’s explosive “buildup drops” mixed with tribal and tech trance beats are bound to take crowds over the edge. Although not an original, Hage’s diversity is equally reflected in his Avicii vs. Myback mashup. It is interesting to note that his mashup also features the Clockwork remix of Levels.

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