Apr 19, 2014
Guy J’s ‘Dizzy Moments’
Guy J - Dizzy Moments (Original Mix) [Lost & Found]
Guy J - Diaspora (Original Mix) [Lost & Found]

Israeli producer Guy J is quite distinct in his production style, with a clear and strong allegiance to house music, but with a strong hit of musical experimentation that flies in the face of your traditional club track. His latest release sees a return to his own Lost & Found label, and is a fine example of just how unique his style is.

Dizzy Moments is essentially a progressive house track–the subtle groove that runs almost throughout the full nine minutes an indication that this track is dance music first and foremost. Yet despite the basics, this isn’t house in the traditional sense. It’s a world of synth arpeggios, subtle pads, and a production style that is more in line with a chill-out track. Production like this makes Dizzy Moments something rather special and is another example of Guy J magic in a scene which is notoriously difficult to stand out in.

Along with b-side Diaspora–which follows a similar concept but is darker and deeper–Dizzy Moments is out now as a Beatport exclusive.