Oct 24, 2014
Guy J Takes Us To ‘Candyland’ On ‘Once In A Blue Moon’ EP
Guy J - Once In A Blue Moon (Original Mix) [Bedrock]
Guy J - Candyland (Original Mix) [Bedrock]
Guy J - Lonely Color (Original Mix) [Bedrock].

Israeli producer Guy J has made a name for himself of late with his varied and rich productions, borrowing from a diverse range of electronic genres. His core sound nestles casually between the realms of house and techno, as exemplified by his latest EP, Once In A Blue Moon.

The title track is all about subtlety, with simple techy beats flowing alongside unimposing synth lines and clever little musical ideas. It really shows Guy’s talent for making complex and immersive music with relatively simple means. The main attraction however–by quite some distance–is Candyland. First premiered over a year ago during his set at ABGT050, it’s been much sought-after ever since, and with good reason. There’s a mix of modern-day tech house, ’90s techno and Goa style psy-trance. With a smooth-yet-slightly unconventional breaks-esque beat and endless floating synth lines, there’s a timeless quality to Candyland. It has hints of Future Sound Of London or Art Of Trance, but still manages to sound like something from the future.

Rounding things off is Lonely Colour, a clever mix of dreamy atmospheres and deep, techy basslines that almost exemplifies Guy’s mastery of the ever-changing face of dance music. Once In A Blue Moon is out now on Bedrock as a Beatport exclusive.