Jul 08, 2012
Guy Gerber Takes On Fabric
Guy Gerber - A Blade Through My Piano (Original Mix) [Fabric]
Guy Gerber - One Day In May (Original Mix) [Fabric]
Guy Gerber - Howling Moon (Original Mix) [Fabric]

I stepped into the subway car and pressed play. Fabric 64 mixed by Guy Gerber. Eyelids heavy from a long day at work, the first track launched me into space. Dreamy melodies made the lines between tracks blur in tandem with the speeding train. A note change here, a bassline shift there; Guy’s sublime vision became a reality in the depths of my mind. I opened my eyes as the album ended and noticed I had missed my stop. Hopping on another train to take me back home, I pressed play again and smiled.

The Fabric compilations are reserved for the best of the best, so Israeli producer Guy Gerber was a no-brainer for installment 64. Following in the footsteps of brilliant producers Ricardo Villalobos, Omar-S, and Shackleton, Guy has elected to craft entirely original productions for his take on Fabric–no simple task. Brooding melodies, trance-inspired effects, shimmering chords, driving percussion, and sultry vocals all flow together in this brilliantly emotive display of house music. The individual tracks, most notably A Blade Through My Piano, One Day In May, and Howling Moon, demonstrate a progression rare in our world of bouncy repetition, but the entire trip start to finish is the real treat here. Close your eyes, press play, and don’t open them until it’s over. Find the entire mix here.