May 21, 2013
Guy Gerber Presents The Wisdom Of The Glove
Clarian & Guy Gerber - Claire (Original Mix) [Visionquest]
Deniz Kurtel - Vagabond (Original Mix) [Crosstown Rebels]
Konrad Black - Reversal Ghost (Original Mix) [Wagon Repair]

As we near the beginning of Ibiza’s 2013 season, the beloved Pacha brand aims to forge a new identity, starting with Guy Gerber’s new The Wisdom Of The Glove residency.

The Israeli curator has some major plans for the world-renowned club, so we gave him the floor to answer our most pressing questions about the Glove’s mystical allure and his hopes to make Pacha the island’s hottest destination:

Explain the meaning of “The Wisdom of the Glove”

The Wisdom of the Glove started in Mexico when I was walking around all night at the Jungle Party wearing a single white glove. Wearing a glove really puts people into character. It changes the way they interact and transmit. I really felt there was more behind it than just this, and the concept started to form a bit more. I envisioned having a party at a nightclub with a €150,000 glove in a fancy display case, security guards around it, very Damien Hirst-like. I had this idea to ridicule the last 10 years of the music scene in Ibiza, and really wanted to start a night that would go against all that and bring it back to its original feeling. That was how the Wisdom Of the Glove concept began, and it really turned more and more magical the more the night starting coming together.


What is your goal for the residency, your dream of what it will become?

My dream is that people will come and not know what to expect. I want to bring back the feeling of mystery and excitement to going out, to not knowing where the night will go and what the music and decor and crowd will be like.

Why Pacha?

Pacha has the right size: not too big, and not too small. There are many rooms–the main room, global room, funky room, terrace–and this allows movement. It makes people want to stay a long time. Also, if I did the same idea of having magicians and bringing bands like Chromatics and Four Tet anywhere else, it wouldve been pretentious. But in Pacha, it’s kind of almost ridiculous.

I also have to admit that I was surprised at how much everyone on the team was accepting this concept and knew all about these acts I wanted to bring, and how much the creative feedback inspired me. I have to say that I’ve never been so excited in my entire life, because I only hear the word “yes” in our creative discussions, and they really get the concept.

hands and lightning

What role will The Glove play in Pacha’s proposed shift away from mainstream music toward a wider range of tastes?

I’m not expecting to be the stepping stone between the mainstream and underground music at Pacha. I’m just more happy to introduce new music to some people that might maybe never have heard about it. At the same time, I’m just inviting all the same people that already like this kind of music to come into Pacha and ignore the musical legacy of it, and just see it as a wonderful venue that has a great dancefloor and a good vibe with thoughtful lineups in both rooms.

What are some of the artists you plan on having at “The Wisdom of the Glove?”

Shaun Reeves, Bill Patrick, Maayan Nidam, Phil Weeks, and others will be residents of The Glove, and there will be special guests including Four Tet, Actress, Lee Burridge, John Talabot, Craig Richards, Delano Smith, Benoit & Sergio, Noze, Midland, Matthew Dear, dOP, Magda and many more to come…

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Will we see any new performances or experiences that have never been done before?

Well, let’s put it like this: weirdness is in the eyes of the beholder. I’m not trying to bring new experiences. I just want people to feel slightly uncomfortable and like it!


Do the cryptic images that we see posted to the Wisdom of the Glove page all have a deeper meaning that relates to the residency?

What im trying to do, almost on my own with a little bit of help, is try to create imagery, a visual dialogue leading up to the residency. When you get to the club, you won’t see Cirque de Soleil, and I can’t create a fantasy world. It’s still a party in a nightclub, but at least people will have these images in mind and can imagine how it can be or how it should and hopefully will be.