Dec 24, 2010
Gut-Wrenching Trance
Santerna - Fraction Blaze (Des McMahon Remix) [Mondo]
Des McMahon - Rainmaker (Original Mix) [Discover Dark]

Once upon a ride home, Kid Alien and I were listening to some tunes, when I switched tracks and said “you gotta listen to this one.” The track was Des McMahon’s Rainmaker. After listening, Kid Alien was kinda like “WTF?!”

I have to give props to this Philly native; Des McMahon hit the trance scene swinging with this heart attacking pounding tune. Rainmaker is no joke–it features some psytrance elements, and a huge uplifting melody laced with a mind-twisting drop. I feel it was overlooked by many, so make sure you take a good loud listen on the best audio system you can find.

Des has been in high demand lately, working on collabs and remixes like Santerna’s Fraction Blaze. Des really gave Fraction Blaze the right touch, providing it with a fierce bassline and acid-like edginess. Check out Des’s latest podcast East Coast Energy, and be sure to keep this trance youngster on your radar–he will be around for a while.