Aug 19, 2010
On The Catwalk
Sunlounger - Catwalk (Club Mix)

Roger Shah, you never fail to amaze me. After listening to Miami Sunset by Invisible Sounds, I felt the need to come back to my other favorite trance tune with guitar, and in my book nothing even comes close to Sunlounger.

This song pulls you in pretty quickly with the entrance of a rough, driving bass line at 0:59. Around 1:58, he gives us a taste of what’s to come, then drops back out, leaving us in anticipation. Then again at 3:41, the first layer is back. 2nd layer at 4:11 with extra melody between the chords. 3rd layer at 4:26 with this perfectly distorted guitar. Then finally at 5:09, the moment you’ve been waiting for after five minutes. I still get goosebumps at that moment.