May 12, 2011
Gross Surgical Malpractice
Doctor P - Watch Out (Original Mix) [Circus]
Doctor P - Big Boss (Original Mix) [Circus]
Doctor P - Sweet Shop (Original Mix) [Circus]

The bad doctor’s in town again and once again taking his bass-hungry beats to the extreme. Shaun Brockhurst, better known as Doctor P, has prescribed new meds to indiscriminately obliterate eardrums across the globe. Surely inviting a malpractice suit, his latest tune Watch Out fires off an enormous dose of putrid bass straight to the brain. Then we have another highly addictive substance known best by its street name Big Boss. This massive hit on Circus Records once again begs the question, why hasn’t his license been revoked yet?

In time for the arrival of his new Circus One mix compilation with Flux Pavilion, Doctor P is perhaps best known for his famous Sweet Shop. One of the main tracks that launched his career to the top, the professional made history contrasting gangster beats with happy breakbeat.