Jan 24, 2012
Groove Unlocked
Locked Groove - Rooted (Original Mix) [Hotflush]
Locked Groove - Drowning (Original Mix) [Hotflush]
Locked Groove - Change (Original Mix) [Hotflush]

Why Tim Van de Muetter chose the moniker Locked Groove is beyond me. The young Belgian’s music is anything but ‘locked’, deliberately and seamlessly shapeshifting in apparent defiance of its creator’s name. After his track Drowning appeared out of nowhere on Scuba’s excellent DJ-Kicks mix people have been clamoring for an official release, and Hotflush has gratefully obliged. This brand of lush, complex deep house is nothing new, but the vitality Van de Muetter imbues it with via his constantly veering approach is something very special.

Rooted may just end up being one of the finest debut tracks of the year. It opens with simmering, enveloping pads which bely the dynamism that is to follow. The track repeatedly reshapes itself, the groove somehow remaining intact as each of its individual elements is in turn dropped and recycled. Drowning follows, its muted thumping and classic Henrik Schwarz-style strings already well-known to the European late-night crowd. Closing out this remarkable debut is Change, a pure deep house love-in replete with sensual melodic snatches and a perfectly pitched spoken-word vocal.