Apr 21, 2015
GRiZ Creates Own Weed Strain, Places ‘High’ At Cannabis Cup
GRiZ feat. Talib Kweli - For The Love (Original Mix) [All Good]

Sax-funk maven and maryjane connoisseur GRiZ not only has his very own “GRiZ Kush,” but his self-titled strain scored big at the Cannabis Cup in Denver April 19.

GRiZ Kush, a blend between Tangerine Haze and Pakistan Chitral Kush, was awarded second place in the “People’s Choice Flowers” category. The Boulder bass head had a chat with Billboard, explaining the process of naming his own strain of marijuana through a partnership with a local dispensary, who started by bringing him three yet-unnamed selections for his, um… perusal.

“And over the course of a week or so, I smoked each variation, made notes, and picked my favorite. What do you do after you smoke a joint? Smoke another one… and another… and another.”

Read the full story here, and pick up GRiZ’ new Say It Loud LP here.

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