Dec 17, 2013
Gregory & Connelly’s ‘Midnight Circus’
Craig Connelly & Shaun Gregory - Midnight Circus (Original Mix) [Lange Recordings]

In the global trance league table, the mighty Dutch certainly have strong claims for the top spot, but the British certainly provide some strong competition.

A solid core of labels have been on fire this year, bringing us some new names and some epic uplifting trance. Among them is Lange Recordings, who’ve just released a collaboration between UK trance up-and-comers Craig Connelly and Shaun Gregory.

Midnight Circus starts out as a deep and driving progressive trance track, but the distant chord stabs soon pick up the energy and provide a hint of what’s to come. The break is initially devoid of all sound, except for a tiny plucked synth riff. It’s got something that is special in any track–a “hook” that is insanely catchy. The track quickly builds around the riff in question, as some massive saws join in, culminating in a classic trance drop. It’s progressive and uplifting at the same time, something that is difficult to pull off, but these guys have nailed it.

Midnight Circus has received support from some of the biggest names on the scene and is proof that the British trance effort is as strong as ever. Grab it now on Beatport, and support the cause.

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