Nov 25, 2015
The Force Is Strong With Green Lantern’s ‘Star Wars’ Remix
Green Lantern X WOOGIE X Toby Romeo - Awaken (Original Mix) [Free Download]

Hip hop maestro Green Lantern (pictured) and crew are riding the Star Wars hype with a quirky track titled Awaken that uses the famous Cantina Band song from the classic 1977 film.

For those perhaps too young to remember the original cantina scene, it opens on a band of aliens playing jazz-like instruments for a packed bar of planetary revelers. Green Lantern, Woogie, and Toby Romeo keep the iconic tune central to their introduction, slowly edging in a deeper bassline until double-time hi-hats rain in to assert this track as a heavy trap contender. Interestingly, collaborator Woogie’s name is only a single letter away from the Star Wars franchise’s hairy “Wookie” character, most famously represented by Chewbacca, whose unmistakeable growls are used throughout the production.

Check out the full cantina scene below, and be sure to grab your free download of the track here.

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