Dec 01, 2011
Grandpa's Beats
The Glitch Mob - We Swarm (Beats Antique Remix) [Antique]
Beats Antique - Cat Skillz [Antique]
Beats Antique - Revival (MartyParty Remix) [Antique]

I wonder how many LessThan3 fans are up on their Beats Antique game? For all you newbies out there, a little less than two months ago, Beats Antique dropped Elektrafone, a triumphant return to worldly bass music from the masters of finely aged tunes, and I’m happy to say that the EP has lived up to its buzz. Elektrafone is a ten-track heap of acoustic awesome, playing host to a full range of sounds, both classic and electronic. Everyone loves a good remix, and I like what they’ve done with the Glitch Mob track on the album–the remix of We Swarm sealed the deal on this one for me.

Cat Skillz is a song representative of a lot of what Beats Antique does right with their music. The electro-acoustic awesome kicks in at, oh, 0:01, and doesn’t stop til the track ends. Oh, and it’s your lucky day, because you can get the track for free here. Separate from Elektrafone, MartyParty’s recent remix of Revival is a release that has inspired a great deal of excitement across the EDM community for even more Beats releases!

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