May 30, 2015
Gouryella Returns With ‘Anahera’

We admit that we were among the many who jumped the gun a little when Ferry Corsten started to tease a new track on his Flashover imprint, hypothesising that the mystery producer was in fact the return of Ferry’s legendary Gouryella alias. We were all wrong of course, Origami turned out to be the work of Spanish producer Dimension, but the furore seems to have planted a seed, because now the Gouryella name really is back, with a brand new track entitled Anahera.

Despite a 13-year gap since the last Gouryella release, Anahera jumps right back into the style that made the name so popular in the first place. Uplifting trance builds and drops don’t get much bigger than this–the classic supersaw sound is out in full force, the drums are simple yet banging, and with the addition of a rolling bassline, we’re transported right into the midst of trance’s “glory days” at the turn of the millennium. Yet despite the nostalgic element, Anahera shows that while trance may have had a golden era 15 or so years ago, the genre isn’t doing too badly in the present day. Tiesto may have moved on–the Dutch legend was part of the Gouryella project for their first three releases–but with the likes of Ferry Corsten at the helm, trance may yet be moving towards its finest hour.

Anahera is out on June 15 on Flashover Recordings. Listen on Spotify below.