Aug 24, 2011
Gotta Get Guetta
David Guetta & Timbaland feat Dev - I Just Wanna F*ck (Original Mix)
David Guetta & Afrojack - Lunar (Original Mix)
David Guetta - Glasgow (Original Mix)

Although he’s been touring just about nonstop this past year, it may seem like the world’s #2 DJ (as voted by DJMag) David Guetta has been keeping quiet in terms of releases this past year. If you’ve been in the loop you may have heard that’s because the acclaimed French producer has been working on a massive double album, titled Nothing But The Beat. The first disc of the album is made up of collaborations with well-known vocalists and artists, ranging from English R&B singer Jessie J, to the legendary Usher, while the second disc focuses more on Guetta’s actual productions.

One of the tracks I was surprised to love off the first disc was the oh so subtle tune I Just Wanna F*ck. The song seems to take some clear inspiration from the early Afrojack sound (which isn’t surprising as he too is featured on the double album), but meshes the slick and commanding vocals contributed by Timbaland and Dev with a groovy moombahton beat, something I really didn’t expect to see on this album. Next, check out Lunar, a track Guetta made alongside the aforementioned Afrojack. A bit different than what you’d expect from these two, this track finds a really warm balance between uplifting house and electro with its sharply scaling synths.

Finally we come to Glasgow, the track Guetta chose to finish up his album. This track finds the perfect balance between electro and house, with a strong sense of the background that Guetta came from–that warm French house sound. The buildup in the latter half of the track is purely timeless, and really signifies why David Guetta has comfortably sit amongst the top DJs in the world for nearly a decade.

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