Oct 20, 2013
Goshfather & Jinco Heisting Beats
Goshfather & Jinco - The Heist (Original Mix) [Techibeats]

The EDM hotbed that is Los Angeles has certainly seen its fair share of producers rise through the ranks recently, and burgeoning big-room house duo Goshfather & Jinco may well prove to be the next in line for stardom. Having already notched releases on Manufactured Superstars’ Manufactured Music in addition to headlining the swankiest of nightclubs like Marquee in Las Vegas, the California natives are on the fast track to becoming a household name in EDM. The duo has just released a follow up to their summertime banger Choir Boy, and it’s packed with much of the same peak-time flavor.

Entitled The Heist, Goshfather & Jinco’s latest tune comes by way of California-based label Techibeats. The track is an electro-infused romp, featuring a lead synth drenched in reverb and modulated into a dizzying rhythm. Complimenting the lead synth is a weighty, four-on-the-floor drum pattern and a resonant bassline that cuts through the mix like an audible torpedo. Fans of minimal and tribal big-room electro house à la Knife Party’s LRAD will dig The Heist’s simple, yet galvanizing composition. Be sure to head over to Beatport to pick up The Heist.

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