Jul 03, 2014
Google Acquires Songza, Reveals ‘The Cube’

Google made two big moves on July 2 as the ever-expanding tech giant revealed an experimental interactive video concept and acquired innovative music streaming service Songza after much industry speculation.

Google’s video concept is simply called The Cube and is the work of their Creative Labs team in Sydney, and it isn’t instantly clear what it’s for. Put simply, it’s an interactive video cube with different footage on each side, meaning you can “remix” videos in real time by spinning the cube to reveal and combine a maximum combination of three at once. The demo–which ironically features The Presets’ single No Fun–is more of a tech concept at the moment, and Google has yet to announce any further plans for the product.

The trend continues with Google’s acquisition of streaming service Songza. Similar in many ways to industry big-boys such as Spotify, Songza stands out due to the way it builds playlists based on human curation rather than complex algorithms, making the service an attractive prospect for Google due to the tech behind it alone. The purchase was rumoured to be a mere $15 million, small change compared to Spotify’s multi-billion market value. Much like The Cube, there is little info from Google regarding their intentions with the service, but if their track record is anything to go by, they’ll certainly have strong visions for the future.

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