May 29, 2015
Goldroom Shares Four Short Films To Accompany His New EP

To follow up on his It’s Like You Never Went Away EP, Goldroom has released four new short films to accompany each single and capture a story of young love.

Watched in sequential order of the EP, each video paints a picture of heartbreak and redemption, ultimately finishing in happy endings for all the love-stricken teens. From throwing a party on the fly to hot-wiring a yacht and cruising through the Orange County bay, the four friends share a night to end all nights.

Watch carefully for Goldroom’s own cameos in the videos as well as the trademark Southern California skyline (and some In-n-Out, too), which has played a pivotal role in all of Goldroom’s music. View all four short films below and be sure to check out more of his tunes here.

Goldroom – Embrace (feat. George Maple)

Goldroom – California Rain (feat. Nikki Segal)

Goldroom – Tradewinds (feat. Kayslee Collins)

Goldroom – Fifteen (feat. Chela)

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