Mar 11, 2014
Golden Debut From Golden Features
Golden Features - Tell Me (Original Mix)
Golden Features - Factory (Original Mix)
Golden Features - Guillotine (Original Mix)
Golden Features - Maybe We Are Different (Original Mix)

As the insane amount of quality dance music continues to flow from Down Under, the debut EP from Golden Features is a mystifying standout.

The four-track, self-titled EP released by the unknown entity known as Golden Features seemed to appear out of nowhere when it started gaining traction on the Australian radio circuit. The identity of this enigmatic producer might as well be Midas himself.

Golden Features has put together a solid debut with four tracks that wind and weave through 18 minutes of brilliant EDM. The leading track Tell Me, drifts through mechanical melodies and echoing vocals, transitioning perfectly into the flashing follow-up Factory. Guillotine will knock your head off with its sharp, synth-laden euphonies and heavy basslines before dropping off into obscurity. Wrapping up the EP is Maybe We Are Different–a squeaky clean hit with a perfect mix of swirling synth and driving beats.

The future is bright for Golden Features. Be on the lookout for more quality material from this Aussie alchemist and download the EP for free via SoundCloud.

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