Aug 26, 2015
Golden Coast Make LA-Inspired Remix Of Ofelia K’s ‘White T-Shirt’
Ofelia K - White T-Shirt (Golden Coast Remix)

Los Angeles duo Golden Coast (pictured) transform fellow LA songstress Ofelia K’s debut single White T-Shirt into a delicate indie-pop ballad brimming with their hometown coastal influence.

Golden Coast keeps Ofelia K’s honeyed vocals largely intact, but favor a few reverbed clips alongside their own bouncy synth lines and off-kilter hi-hat rhythm. It keeps a relaxed pace for a summer-spun approach that covers a slight future house influence, indie dance, and the currently in vogue genre, tropical house.

White T-Shirt has this amazing guitar backbone and slow groove to it. We wanted the remix to add another dimension,” the duo said on their SoundCloud. “We took the cool, vibey essence of the song and punched it up to be the perfect soundtrack for night-driving down the PCH.”

No word yet on the remix’s official release, but you can hear more from Golden Coast at their SoundCloud here.

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