Jul 22, 2013
Go Nuts With Store N Forward
Store N Forward - Nuts (Original Mix) [Afterglow]

German Trance duo Store N Forward have been part of the scene since 2001, and as veterans of the genre, they know that consistency is key to success. Taking this maxim to its extreme, they’ve kept up the habit of naming their tracks after various plants and minerals, most of them edible. So far we’ve had Sugar, Bananas, Roses, Oregano, Salt, Pepper, and now their latest single, Nuts.

The naming isn’t the only tradition on show here–a classy driving trance record with some dirty electro elements thrown in– Nuts is what these guys do best. The bloopy arps and sweeping pads in the build are nicely balanced by a dark and brooding bassline. Some dreamy piano lines quickly lead us into a break filled with plucky leads and a classic “hands-in-the-air” feel. But unlike so many similar tracks nowadays which promise so much but disappoint when it comes to the drop, this is one of those tracks which keeps things going strong, a great example of dreamy and energetic trance, just like it should be.

Nuts is out now on Afterglow Records and with support from the big names already, it’s quite rightly jumping up the charts.

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