Jul 16, 2011
Glitching the World
The Glitch Mob - We Can Make the World Stop [Glass Air]
The Glitch Mob - Warrior Concerto [Glass Air]
The Glitch Mob - Palace of the Innocents [Glass Air]

For glitch hop fanatics, The Glitch Mob is nothing less than a staple of the scene. Founded in 2006 with the now-solo Kraddy, the group has done much to drive the burgeoning LA sound both around the world and into the future. Having caught them twice this year at both UMF and EDC, I’ve been thoroughly converted by the some of the most intriguing dance music to ever hit my ears.

Fans are delighted that on top of extensive touring, the trio’s been at it in the studio with just as much diligence. The result is We Can Make the World Stop, an EP that’s the child of many years of touring and changing sounds. The titular track is a grand, big-room rendition of the trio’s trademark feel, made with the massive stages of the past year’s festival appearances in mind. Move on to Warrior’s Concerto for a sample-driven symphony of glitch that weaves together sounds old and new with serious flair. Finally, Palace of the Innocents finishes the EP with the most ambient tones yet, showing off the glitch masters’ aptitude for subtlety and spaciness.

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