Jun 13, 2011
Glitch on a Stick
Messy Mass vs Baba Gnohm - Splatterbrain
Messy Mass vs Baba Gnohm - Dear Dr. Döner
Messy Mass vs Baba Gnohm - Yes, I Like Shawarma

Today I’m happy to share with you all a really sweet experimental EP that I recently stumbled across while traversing the information superhighway. In Night of the Living Kebab (artwork above), Messy Mass and Baba Gnohm, two progressive producers hailing from Denmark, drop beats that transcend genre lines. If you could take a corny horror movie and put it in a blender with some fast-paced glitch hop, then spin it on a dancefloor, I think this is what it would sound like.

The artists describe Night of the Living Kebab as “[embodying] tunes that will take you on a juvenile journey filled with colours, glitchy breaks, ageless rolling basses and bouncy melodies filled with optimistic hope of brain damage. It is well-suited for any situation that calls for a twist of the unorthodox and will leave the listener twirling, spinning and falling over.” The release is only 5 songs, and all of them have this kind of raw, breakbeat kickass-itude to them. Check out Splatterbrain for a good example of the sound I’m talking about! Don’t stop there though; you should also listen to Dear Dr. Doner and Yes, I Like Shawarma, and don’t forget your sense of humor. Judging by the album title and track names, it’s clearly important to the producers that what you take away from their artistic endeavors is nothing less than a raging good time (and you can keep it going by scooping the full EP over at Ektoplazm).

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