Jun 30, 2015
Glass Gang Adds Choreography To Shoegaze In ‘Believe’ Video

Enigmatic, amorphous Brooklyn outfit Glass Gang have been delivering off-the-beaten-path electronic beats for almost two years now, but never have they hit the level of recognition that they just received via a VICE premiere of their new video, Believe.

Believe comes via their Lower mixtape, which they self-released earlier this year (download here along with all of their other mixtapes). The sound is a heady mix of shoegaze and UK garage with a dash of Southern hip hop percussion thrown in, though not outrightly so. The video features a string of dancers who somehow grasp onto the subdued beat with perfect synchronicity–a unique pairing of choreography and music, to be sure.

Stay tuned for a new single from the Gang with Sonny DiPerri, who’s known for working with M83 and Warpaint. For more Glass Gang, go here.

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