Jun 19, 2011
Gladkill Drops a Mixtape
Gladkill - Lovelost Preview Mixtape

Gladkill is an artist from out west whom I admire for his chilled out, bassy beats. It’s more luvstep than it is dubstep, but that’s the sound that Gladkill is going for. When it comes to flow, Gladkill has the heuristic down, and I’m consistently blown away by the material he puts out.

Recently, Gladkill leaked a preview of his next EP, Lovelost, via a mix on his SoundCloud. From the time you press play, you’re whisked away by the ambient introductory melody and the sirenesque voice of Mimi Page. It’s probably one of my favorite mixes since NastyNasty’s mind-shattering Lazer Soul. I’d break this one down for you, but really, you should just listen through the whole thing; what Gladkill has put together here is exceptional, and I couldn’t be more excited for the release.

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