Jul 22, 2014
gLAdiator & the MO$T ‘Touch’ Our Ears (And Ass)
gLAdiator & the MO$T - Touch (My Ass) (Original Mix)

You ready to get touched in the head (and the ass)? Because that’s exactly what the newest track from gLAdiator (pictured) and Cleveland duo the Mo$t does. The track in question? The eloquently named
Touch (My Ass).

The fearsome foursome keeps things largely four-to-the-floor until fits of bounce emerge in their new booty house club cut that should please fans of both twerk and big room alike. The kick is relentless, the bass is ferocious, and the vocal sample is weirdly hilarious. Some people may criticize gLAdiator for straying away from their typical sound, but we dare you to say that after listening to this go off in the club.

Grab the free download of Touch (My Ass) here.

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