Oct 24, 2014
Cory Enemy, Goshfather & Jinco Troll David Guetta
Cory Enemy x Goshfather & Jinco - David Guetta

David Guetta’s face became plastered all over the web after his tripped-out gaze on the Tomorrowland livestream. The video parodies and memes are hilarious, and Cory Enemy and Goshfather & Jinco named their new track David Guetta after the French headliner’s special moment. This banger charges on with fierce synths, stomping basslines, and guitar strumming reminiscent of System Of A Down in its massive build up.

To celebrate the tune, Cory Enemy and Goshfather & Jinco just launched a sweet Instagram video contest. Watch the outrageous video below to get an idea of how to record yours. Make sure to include the Everybody David Guetta bass drop–extra points for humor and creativity. A huge slew of major artists are joining in the fun too, so stay tuned for their upcoming videos.

Best of all, there are sick HARD Day Of The Dead festival prizes for the David Guetta video contest:

Grand Prize: 2 backstage passes to HARD Day Of The Dead for both days
2nd Place Prize: 2 Cory Enemy T-shirts
3rd Place Prize: HARD Day Of The Dead T-shirt

To qualify for the contest, make sure to follow these rules:

  • Host the video on Instagram and repost it on Facebook and Twitter pages.
  • Tag #GuettaFACE #HARDFEST in all posts.
  • Follow @CoryEnemy @GoshfatherJinco on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and SoundCloud.
  • Use the David Guetta track in the video.
  • Airplay enabled