Aug 03, 2010
Give Us A Remix, Gaga
Lady Gaga - Just Dance (Richard Vission Remix)
Lady Gaga feat Marilyn Manson - Love Game (Chew Fu Ghettohouse Fix)

Reigning queen of pop-dance Lady Gaga, an artist who is partially responsible for the rise of the dance music sound in America, releases her album The Remix in the US today–buy it here. The album has already released overseas, however, so you die-hards out there have likely heard some of the remixes already.

Gaga called on a few friends for help, including Chew Fu, Richard Vission, Passion Pit, and… Marilyn Manson? That’s right; the shock rocker makes a guest appearance on the Chew Fu Ghettohouse Fix of Lovegame. I sampled all of the tracks and while a few are lackluster, there is a definite interesting sound on this album that touches many corners of the EDM spectrum, and even departs from EDM territory for some tracks. One remix that is unfortunately missing is the Skrillex remix of Alejandro covered a while back by Toothless, but I guess we’ll have to forgive ‘em–there are still a few gems to be found.

Just in case you can’t get enough Gaga, the international release includes seven remixes not on the US release, so see if you can scout ‘em out!

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