Oct 21, 2013
Giuseppe Ottaviani Gives Us ‘Gave Me’
Giuseppe Ottaviani feat. Seri - Gave Me (Extended Mix) [Black Hole]
Giuseppe Ottaviani feat. Seri - Gave Me (Chris Schweizer Remix) [Black Hole]
Giuseppe Ottaviani feat. Seri - Gave Me (Ronski Speed Remix) [Black Hole]

A sure sign of a good musician is the mileage they can get out of an album. How often do you see a one-hit-wonder which features their hit single, the failed follow up, and a load of filler? All too often in the case of manufactured pop, but in EDM, there’s a good track record of producers who fill their 70-odd minutes with decent music–all thriller and no filler. One such name is Giuseppe Ottaviani, who is presenting some massive tracks from his second solo album Magenta.

The latest track to be revealed in its full form is Gave Me, which features the vocal delights of Seri and some stonking remixes courtesy of Ronski Speed and Chris Schweizer. The extended original is a beautiful piece of uplifting trance. The soft and dreamy vocals lead up to some massive pads, an epic lead and a nice bouncy drop. There’s some wonderful vocal chops and a great pounding feel which should sound amazing on a big system. The Chris Schweizer remix takes things on a slightly harder journey, with some astounding synth stabs that have a wonderful feel of trance from the early part of the millennium, indeed sounding quite similar to Ronski Speed’s earlier work, which is always a good thing. Ronski himself appears with slightly more chilled and dreamy sounding remix which puts a lot of attention on the vocal.

Gave Me is out now on Beatport and keeps Giuseppe’s Magenta era running strong as well as giving us high-hopes for whatever he has to offer in the future.

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