Nov 19, 2014
‘No Reason’ Not To Dance To Giraffage’s New EP
Giraffage - Hello [Fool's Gold]
Giraffage - Tell Me [Fool's Gold]
Giraffage - Chocolate [Fool's Gold]
Giraffage - Anxiety [Fool's Gold]
Giraffage - Be With You [Fool's Gold]

Giraffage’s hipster demeanor and quirky Twitter persona might not scream proficiency in crafting the baby-making vibes of future bass, but don’t let this throw you, because he is quickly establishing himself as one of the genre’s leading innovators. He released his EP No Reason this week on Fool’s Gold Records, and it’ll have you dancing down to the very last bedspring effect.

Seems fitting to open the EP with the track Hello–a simple introductory phrase, but Giraffage has strategically placed enough phone effects throughout to really drive home the meaning of “hello.” From a dial tone to a hold signal to an incoming message chime, it’s all represented in this track against a backdrop of double-time hi-hats and squealing synth work.

Tell Me progresses smoothly and again integrates those signature trap hi-hats and rim shots throughout the track. Broken-up vocals cry, “can you tell me?” as if the caller didn’t get the message from the last track, Hello.

If Giraffage was looking to expand on the EP’s title of No Reason, the third track, Chocolate, certainly plays along with the comedic disconnect between all the of the EP’s track names. It opens with swirling chords before expanding into a bevy of future bass effects including the never absent bedspring and vocal clips to pay homage to the genre’s hip-hop roots.

The last two tracks Anxiety and Be With You keep with chill trap attitude with their fair share of pitched-up vocals between both tracks.

All bedsprings and high-pitched vocals aside, Giraffage’s track arrangements are beautifully constructed. Even the most nuanced effects get their fair share of exposure within each track. Whether you prefer the term “chill trap” or “future bass,” Giraffage continues to prove that he has no issue producing gem after gem alongside his heavy-hitting contemporaries Cashmere Cat, Lido and even Flume.

Pick it up here on Beatport.

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