Feb 12, 2013
Gigamesh Enjoys What He Does
Gigamesh - Enjoy (Original Mix) [Nurvous]
Gigamesh - Enjoy (Oliver Remix) [Nurvous]

Do yourself a favor and enjoy a rhythmic and funky blast from the past with a new stunning EP from Matt Masurka, commonly known as Gigamesh. This multi-platinum selling producer from Minnesota has caused tidal waves in the indie dance scene with releases on the chic Kitsuné record label, remixes of Foster The People and Two Door Cinema Club, and a worldwide tour in support of both. Maintaining the inertia from a uniquely delightful release from Wolfwolf, Nurvous fires again with a new single from Gigamesh titled Enjoy. As if this release wasn’t mouthwatering already, remixing the track is the unmistakable Oliver. These two powerhouse acts present their own similar yet distinctive styles in ways that make this release an absolute must-hear.

For those who don’t recognize the vocal sample, it comes from Wham!’s 1982 hit, Wham Rap! (Enjoy What You Do), and is as catchy now as it was then. The era-appropriate synthesizer work fuels the mix among an army of percussion and rolling bass. The clap leaves nothing to be desired as it cuts clean through the mixdown. Stepping up to the plate with well-known capabilities in this space, Oliver incorporates energy-gripping cuts, layers of arpeggios, and signature synthesizer vibrato to create a full sounding quality remix. Using bells, pianos, and their own variations of the original melody is the reason this duo is one of the most sought after acts in the scene. I pity the fool that doesn’t pick up these two gems on Beatport.

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