Jul 21, 2011
Ghostly Wobbles
Joe Ghost - I Just Came (Original Mix) [6n7]

It seems that more and more dubstep tunes are getting integrated with more complex wobbles and drops every day. Some people don’t seem to like the “brostep” sound, while others welcome it as a new and innovative evolution of the newly established subgenre. The same goes for trancestep. Well, whether you like the new wave of dubstep or not, it’s here to stay. But for those who prefer the original, chiller dub sound, I’ve got a treat for you today. Joe Ghost, an underground producer from Ontario, has been releasing quality tune after tune, but one stood out to me above all the rest.

The appropriately named I Just Came is an 8-bit dubstep fan’s wet dream. A simple melody marches at the forefront of the song, with ghostly notes adding a bit of a dream-like atmosphere along the lines of Nosaj Thing. Then, everything changes up as you’re dropped into a pool of deep, dark wobbles. Listen carefully to how the drumline, 8-bit notes, and wobbles comb together perfectly–definitely not an easy thing to do with three different kinds of sounds, but Joe Ghost does it fantastically.

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