Oct 09, 2010
Getting Wild with Bassnectar
Bassnectar - Hot Right Now (Bassnectar Remix) [Amorphous]
Bassnectar feat 40 Love - Wildstyle Method (Original Mix) [Amorphous]

Lorin Ashton, more popularly known as Bassnectar, is a dubstep/breakbeat artist reigning from San Francisco, California. His style has put him in a class outside of the monster names in dubstep like Rusko, Caspa and Skream, but I assure you that if you <3 dubstep, this is a name you need to know.

I would dare to say that there is nobody in the industry as comfortable as Bassnectar when it comes to combining elements of glitch, hip hop, breakbeats and dubstep. His upcoming EP Wildstyle is indicative of just that. The opening track, Hot Right Now, is a track full of grimy dubstep/hip hop fusion. Drop this gargantuan track at a party and feel the tone of the dancefloor just get dirty–if that’s what you want (trust me, that’s what you want).

The title track of the release, Wildstyle Method, is a record that shows off what sets Bassnectar apart from the pack. You’ll notice that he doesn’t just use vocals to add lyrics to a track. He instead uses them in a complex manner so that they contribute to the track rhythmically as well as structurally. You’ll also hear Bassnectar’s incredible attention to detail throughout this track. A lot of producers seem to think that once they master a really intense bassline in a dubstep song the rest of the song falls into place on its own. That is clearly not the case with Lorin Ashton’s music, and the end result in any of his tracks really shows that.

While I only covered two of the seven tracks from the release, I strongly suggest that you check out the rest of the EP when it drops on the 19th. It is definitely some of Bassnectar’s finest work.

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