Oct 15, 2010
Get Your Mynd Set
Myndset - I Get High (Original Mix)
Afrojack feat Eva Simons - Take Over Control (Myndset Bootleg)

In today’s fast-paced EDM world, there are new and constant innovators coming out of everywhere. Today I bring you one such artist who wears a space helmet and goes by the name of Myndset. He’s an enigmatic producer who, according to his Facebook page, hails from Megaclite, Jupiter. Apparently the tech house scene is pretty big in Megaclite, because Myndset’s stuff is off the chain.

The first track of his that caught my ear was I Get High. Simply put, it’s tech house perfection. The sampling that Myndset has utilized in this song makes it a great selection to drop almost anywhere in a set. Once I heard this particular track I delved in deeper into this guy’s stuff and found more treasure–his bootleg of Afrojack’s Take Over Control. He actually combined Adam F’s remix with the original. You get the best of both worlds with this track–the bangin’ beats from the original as well as the dope dubstep version. So hitch a ride to Jupiter to get the full experience, or check out his SoundCloud account for tons of other great tracks. Enjoy!

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