Aug 17, 2011
Get Up or Shut Up
Mike Posner & Rusko - Shut Up

With Rusko’s polished brand of laid back, often witty and always welcoming dubstep, it’s about time that people are starting to realize how strongly his sound would back other mainstream names and styles. Some of his latest work has him teaming up with the EDM-friendly up-and-comer Mike Posner on a track titled Shut Up. While the tune isn’t the grimiest or bassiest of the lot, gat dayum does Rusko hit the nail on the head. The finest form of dubstep that the mainstream has been presented with, this tune just begs for the world to get its swerve on.

With the line between “rave music” and “what’s hot” quickly disappearing, Rusko is proving to be an ideal candidate for musical ambassador. He understands what people want to hear, but never loses his background or more importantly his dignity in the music he releases to the public.

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