Oct 20, 2014
Get Some ‘Alone’ Time With Alvin Risk
Alvin Risk - Alone (Original Mix) [Memory Ltd./Ether]
Alvin Risk - Venture EP (Preview)

Alvin Risk is back with his first EP since 2013’s Junkfood called Venture, and the first complete taste comes today in Alone, a hybrid jersey club-electro cut with pleasant surprises resulting from its diversity.

Alone begins with an extended intro made of whispery, foreboding vocals backed by a plucky progression and distorted, guitar-like synth chucks. The minute-and-a-half opener makes way for the pulsating laser synth against thundering drums and chops of the vocal that define the tune’s main sections. After drop one, the track deals in increasing fits of Jersey club that flatten back out to four-on-the-floor almost seamlessly before returning to dominate the second climax amid swift, rapid clicks and synth surges.

After hearing the preview mix for Venture (listen above), the originality with which he approached the EP has us excited for the five-track release, due out Nov. 11. Pre-order here or download the songs on Risk’s official site as they become available, here

Alvin Risk Venture EP

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