Jul 29, 2012
Get Ready For Jacques Greene
Jacques Greene - Ready (Original Mix) [3024]
Jacques Greene - Prism (Original Mix) [3024]
Jacques Greene - Dakou (Original Mix) [3024]

EDM fans probably spotted producer Jacques Greene in the chart-topping 212 video by Azealia Banks earlier this year–a prelude to what would be an incredibly fortuitous 2012 for the producer. At just 22 years old, the Montreal native has already notched a remix for superstar rock group Radiohead and recently launched his own imprint, Vase. Jacques Greene continues to tear across the fabric of bass music with his latest EP Ready, out on Martyn’s 3024 imprint.

Anybody that caught Martyn’s BBC Essential Mix back in March got the first preview of Ready‘s title track. Since then, the tune has received considerable attention as a low-res clip on YouTube, but now arrives in full definition. People that follow the Canadian producer will notice that Ready is more dance-floor oriented than Jacques’ previous offerings this year, but still retains his unique sound palette. It kicks off with a 2-step rhythm but eventually develops into a four-on-the-floor banger with a scratchy hi-hat deployed on the upbeats and distorted woodblocks frequently interspersed. The lead melody is dripping with liquid vibes, echoing as though they had been lifted from a cathedral hall. The EP’s next track, Prism, is an acid-washed, abstract interpretation of early 80’s electronica. Its crystalline lead synth shimmers on top of a rounded bassline and hymn-like vocal sample. The last track on the EP is the digital exclusive Dakou. Deliberate pacing and unrestrained percussion make Dakou a head-nodder from start to finish.

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