Jun 23, 2010
Get Me Some Blue Pipes
Nhato - Tokyo Blue Pipe (Original Mix)

I love those occasions when I accidentally stumble across a fantastic track. Follow a few links around and somehow you end up discovering something great. This time around I was digging for a fresh new remix I heard–once I find it I’ll be posting it, don’t worry–when I found Tokyo Blue Pipe, a beautifully twisted original mix by Japanese DJ/producer Nhato. When you take a listen below, I think you’ll have the same reaction I did: “who the hell is this guy and why haven’t I heard of him before?” Naturally, I decided to do some research and came across this interview which gives some interesting insight into the development of this track along with other tidbits of info. Here’s a little excerpt (try to get past the broken translation):

What do you think is the appeal of club music, and what is the best act you have ever seen as the audience?

The appeal of club music is the diversity and flexibility because of its simple purpose to make people dance.

The best act is the live of Deadmau5 last year. I was surprised that simply cutting, putting and looping sounds made it exciting.

Very, very interesting. Anyway, what I love about this track–and about Nhato’s other productions that I have since checked out–is that he uses beautiful melodies combined with harder tech-trance sounds. There are also some clear psy-trance elements to be heard, for example in the basslines and lows of the tracks. Together these elements combine beautifully to deliver a fresh new sound which is particular pleasing to my ears. If I had to critique Nhato’s productions in any way, I would suggest a slightly starker contrast in the end of the buildup and the beginning of the release to provide a little more energy to carry the track through. Note: that comment applies in no way to this tune, which is more than sufficiently fierce. To me, Tokyo Blue Pipe is like a really good drama thriller. There’s that insane “oh my god” moment when the twist is revealed.

Anyway, check out the track below. I’d love to hear your feedback on this one!

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