Apr 19, 2013
Get Lucky With Daft Punk
Daft Punk feat. Pharrell Williams - Get Lucky [Columbia]

Daft Punk have finally given us the first release from their fourth full-length album, Random Access Memories, releasing May 21st on Columbia Records. Random Access Memories packs 13 aesthetic electro/disco tracks that promise to stray from typical drum machines and keyboard chords to highlight some top-tier industry collaborations which include Pharrell Williams, Nile Rodgers, Giorgio Moroder, and Animal Collective’s Panda Bear.

We Get Lucky with the album’s debut track releasing exactly at 12:01 a.m. April 19th, the first new Daft Punk release in three years. Pharrell’s voice floats perfectly over this modern disco melody enriched with electric guitar and Daft Punk’s warping robot voice, holding us over until the full album releases next month. Pick up Get Lucky On iTunes now.

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