Dec 22, 2010
Get Lucky Tonight
Spencer & Hill - Dub Disco (Lucky Date Remix) [Bazooka]
Lazy Rich - Discofukkr (Lucky Date Remix) [Royal One]

When Toothless posted about the Lucky Date remix of Zedd’s The Anthem, he described the track perfectly: “filthy, ripping electro house.” Sure, there’s a lot of electro out there that matches that description, but Lucky Date is part of an elite group of up-and-comers (along with Zedd and Porter Robinson) that has really taken the genre to a new level. Part of that has to do with their innovative basslines–more and more artists are making use of dubstep-inspired wobbles, which is sparking new life into the genre. They also know how to compose some great melodies to go with the wobbles, also a new development.

Originally based in San Francisco, the twenty year-old DJ/producer aka Jordan Atkins-Loria now works out of the birthplace of techno–Chicago. In the past he’s worked as a synth engineer for some pretty famous artists, including David Guetta. This is clearly reflected in the quality of his productions. Lucky Date’s recent remix of Spencer & Hill’s Dub Disco is my favorite track from the young man up until this point. Simply put, Lucky Date does not hold back. His remix of Lazy Rich’s Discofukkr, although less intense, still makes for a great dance track with UK-inspired synth dashes and wobbles that would seem perfect for a Jack Beats or Fake Blood mix.

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