Jun 04, 2013
Get Lost & Not Found With Chase & Status

Nobody makes dramatic and shocking music videos quite like Chase & Status. With a propensity for shocking twists and slow-motion scenes full of natural brutality and human wickedness, Saul Milton and Will Kennard have done it again with the video for their latest single, the melancholy and sorrowful Lost & Not Found feat. Louis M^ttrs.

What begins with a missing poster catching the eye of a young man on a bike develops into a careening, slice-of-life scenario following different people as they get either lost or found, both intentionally and against their will. The scene bounces smoothly from character to character as a story unfolds on dramatic par with some of the jaw-dropping tales we’ve been told via videos for Pieces and Let You Go, just to name a few (although NSFW, these videos represent some of the most impressive examples of storytelling in the music video space).

A digital bundle of the single, which includes remixes from MTA Records artists Dream Mclean, Kove, and Josh Butler, will be released on June 30, available to pre-order from June 16. Check their site for more details.

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