Mar 05, 2015
Get Juiced With Jackal x Boombox Cartel’s ‘Jamba’
Jackal x Boombox Cartel - Jamba (Original Mix) [OWSLA]

We never thought that saying “bum dum ba dum bum” over and over again would be so much fun, but then again, we should know by now not to underestimate OWSLA, who brings us Jamba, the debut collaboration between LA-based producers Jackal (pictured, left) and Boombox Cartel (pictured, right).

From start to finish, Jamba is a juiced-up, festival-ready romp replete with the aforementioned sing-song sample, energizing snares, and synth-heavy drops. If the booming big room bass doesn’t get you, the trap-fueled drum rhythm change during the second drop certainly will.

Listen to the full stream of Jamba up above, and pick it up on March 17.

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