Jan 03, 2011
Get Into This Mess
Digital Mess - Future People (Original Mix) [System]
Digital Mess - Stop Machine (Original Mix) [System]
Digital Mess - Next Message (Original Mix) [Flash]

There’s nothing better than finding a new artist or song and becoming absolutely obsessed with them. That’s probably why so many of you love coming back to LT3! About a week ago I discovered a new artist who has very little exposure from what I can tell. I find that incredibly surprising given that some of his work reminds me very much of Deadmau5 from the Random Album Title days, which, in my opinion, were among his best. The man on the three tracks posted here is Digital Mess, a producer out of Russia whose Facebook page shows 185 fans at the time of this writing. See what you think of that after you listen and let me know if you are as shocked as I am.

Now, onto the music. The first song posted here is actually the track that introduced me to Digital Mess, called Future People, which was released about a year ago but none of us have ever heard about it. It’s a beautiful progressive house track with an emotional melody and a great vibe. In general, this track might strike you as a typical high-quality track in the genre, but there are a few things I’d like to draw your attention to that made me rewind the mix I was listening to to have a second listen. The first is the sound used at 3:08 which is definitely unique and nicely layers over the rest of the track and which stands out even more as the bass is removed and the progression begins towards the drop. Yes, the drop. A drop in a prog house track? Fairly unusual, but 4:57 is your ticket to seeing what that is like. With a notably different energy mostly due to the varied drum beat, this funky track does not disappoint. It whetted my appetite for more, and what came next became the reason to share this artist with all you loyal readers out there.

Stop Machine. I’ve played it for many LT3 members prior to this post and the reaction has always been the same: “This is filthy.” It’s got a grindy, dark and twisted energy that just shows off the unique characteristics of Mr. Mess. 2:14 brings in a sound that makes me picture a rave in an Egyptian pyramid. Every detail has been carefully paid attention to. At 3:42 we get a memorable and interesting far-east inspired build which very nicely prepares the reader for the 4:18 drop which is nothing more than a full-force throw right back into the high energy party we just took a breather from.

The third track on this post, Next Message, continues with an absolutely filthy bassline and some nice high-ends to keep each bar packed with dance groove. 3:17 introduces us to something that’s definitely been done many times in dance music but somehow never seems to get old: text-to-speech. This element, despite its simplicity, is a perfect layer over an already sophisticated track. It’s also something the mau5 has employed on his new album 4×4=12 and it just plain works. Similarly to Stop Machine, there is a nice bridge at 5:00 leading to a chilled out melodic section prior to the drop. It’s formulaically a bit too similar to the previous track, but they’re both different enough that I dont mind.

There’s no question that Digital Mess deserves a hell of a lot more recognition than he is currently getting. Take a step back at some point and listen to all the layers carefully put together and you will realize the high quality that this guy is putting forth. Enjoy!

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