Nov 01, 2013
Get Into ‘The Pit’ With Michael Woods
Michael Woods - The Pit (Original Mix) [Diffused]

Long term dance music fans will probably be familiar with Michael Woods. He was responsible for tracks such as Solex and If You Want Me, the latter under his Warrior alias. Those not so familiar may know the name as a result of some incident with Justin Bieber. Marketing stunt or mixed up kid not understanding how a nightclub works, I don’t care, because Michael Woods still makes good music, and The Pit is no exception.

It’s a dark and dirty piece of electro house, with stomping beats and some mental synth sounds–Woods has taken the ideals of the genre and gone crazy with them. There’s the odd hint of old school trance going on too, a string riff that has hints of Brainbug’s Nightmare about it, and some synth pulses that are straight from the 90s. There’s even a bit of crowd noise going on to really add to the nostalgia trip, but it’s still got that pounding electro sound that keeps it right up to date.

Out now on Diffused, The Pit is the epitome of how you can keep the feeling of the years gone by intact, while still offering something new and cutting edge, and to hell with what some kid might think.

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