Oct 30, 2012
Get Insida Your Head
Insida - Lesula (Original Mix) [Dangerbox]
Insida - My Laboratory (Original Mix) [Dangerbox]

Insida is a relatively unknown trance producer. So much so that no actual additional information can be found for the artist except that he is 28 and Swedish. Don’t fret, though; the music still exists. Most recently, he’s provided us with two Grade A melodic trance tracks to mark Dangerbox’s 101st release.

Lesula starts calm enough, relaxing and inviting. Before long, the bright lead builds over and into the groovy punch of the bassline. The track breaks down and the airy melody takes over. The journey calms all before the elements come together to display the full composition. Insida steps in a different, more progressive direction with My Laboratory, a track that is much more chilled out and dreamy than the A-side ,and personally my favorite on this EP. My Laboratory drives forward, sandwiching itself between angelic chords. Definitely two tracks to check out. Available from Beatport here.

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