May 08, 2014
Get ‘Faded’ With ZHU’s Debut Video

The first-ever ZHU video hit the internet this week in the form of a black-and-white romp through the Paris club scene set to the producer’s deep groove Faded.

LA’s mysterious ZHU and the undeniably deep sounds we’ve heard from the secretive producer thus far have grown into a mounting wave of hype that, ironically, far surpasses even some of the most public of figures in today’s electronic music world. His first video doesn’t show his or her face (that we’re aware of), but it does take fans on a dreamlike float through Paris’ Social Club and offer introductions with the girls ZHU is pining for in the lyrics. Granted, nothing is worth driving while inebriated, but the inherently intoxicating sight of ZHU’s choice females are enough to make a guy do some stupid things.

ZHU’s new Nightday EP featuring Faded and five more cuts including the playful Paradise Awaits is available now.

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