Feb 08, 2012
Get Crunked!
Dream - Go Hard (Crizzly Remix)
AJ Hernz - Snap Back Swag (Crizzly Remix)

When Skrillex is spinning a particular producer’s tunes in his mixed set, it’s pretty safe to say that those tunes meet a certain standard for bass. For San Antonio native Chris Marshall, aka Crizzly, his tunes have met such a standard, getting massive recognition on his SoundCloud page and also garnering regular attention from America’s bass general, Skrillex. His latest work is a remix of Dream’s Go Hard, and it does exactly what is says in the title… go hard! His brand of dubstep, that he genially coined himself, is called “crunkstep”–a mashup of southern crunk and dubstep that is light on hip hop but heavy on wobbles.

Crizzly’s remix of Dream’s Go Hard is every bit as grimy as the original. Crizzly has given the tune a fresh re-wub by adding more modulation to the main synth and a few electro elements that give Go Hard a shiny new coat. Crizzly’s previous tune was a remix of San Antonio MC AJ Hernz’s Snap Back Swag. This tune features a massive wobble for its main synth that absolutely crushes the low frequencies. Wait for the drop on this one; it’s a massive sub-frenzy! Lucky for bass fans, Crizzly has made both of these tunes available for free on his SoundCloud.

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