Feb 21, 2012
German Engineering
Objekt - Cactus (Original Mix) [Hessle Audio]
Objekt - Porcupine (Original Mix) [Hessle Audio]

One of 2011’s leading lights makes his long awaited debut on the always fantastic Hessle Audio; Objekt finally dropped Cactus and Porcupine almost a full year after their release was originally hinted at. As well as his two impeccable eponymous white label releases, Objekt also made waves last year with a remix of Radiohead’s Bloom, which earned him the #9 spot on our Top 15 Indie & Glitch Hop Tracks of 2011. His first material of 2012 further cements his status as one of the most talented producers to emerge from this European meshing of techno and dubstep, masterfully fusing the brutal efficiency of Teutonic machinery with the deep, virile swing of UK bass.

Cactus is a real bruiser, an acid-flecked garage rhythm built upon a mass of rolling, thunderous sub-bass. As a professional audio engineer, Objekt’s production is always sumptuous, with moments that in other hands could seem pedestrian rendered spellbinding by his incredible sound design. Porcupine takes a while to really hit its stride, but even before the arrival of the threatening melodic moments that lend the track its depth, Objekt’s precision engineered percussion feels potent and claustrophobic. These tracks are vital for fans of modern bass music; they sound like absolutely no one else out there.

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