Mar 04, 2012
Gemini & KOAN Sound @ Girls & Boys
Skrillex - Kill Everybody (KOAN Sound Remix)
Gemini - Graduation (Original Mix) [Inspected]

I have been to many a Girls & Boys event at Webster Hall NYC, as the party has become a mainstay for the New York electro/dubstep scene. However, last night was the most impressed I have been by any set I have heard during this party’s massively successful stint, thanks to the 21 year-old musical prodigy from Leeds known as Gemini. But I’m jumping ahead of myself a bit. Let’s get to the deets.

Friday night’s show at Webster was the second show of a 36-date North American tour sponsored by UKF Dubstep and headlined by KOAN Sound & Gemini. KOAN Sound was the opener of the two, taking the stage at 1am with just one of the members at the decks. The set was an interweaving of electro, dubstep, moombahton, and drum’n’bass, and while the musical selections were enjoyable, the sound quality was somewhat lacking. This was perhaps due to an overt push of volume coming from the mixer onstage, but nevertheless, the crowd seemed to not mind at all, with the strongest reactions coming when hard moombah tracks were dropped, including the never-gets-old Reptile’s Theme by Skrillex.

Gemini took to the CDJs (with the addition of a laptop and effects rack) at about 2am, and I was instantly hooked. The wunderkind of dubstep opened his set with around fifteen minutes of electro and tech trance, much to my delight. After this, he mostly stayed in the dubstep realm, but the tracks he played were so intricate and melodic it almost seemed like a new musical experience entirely. I would kill for an entire tracklist from that night as many “ID” tracks were played, but a few highlights included his smashes Graduation and Vision, his remixes of Ass On The Floor by Diddy Dirty Money and Brave by Kelis, and an interesting dubstep rework of Miami 2 Ibiza by Swedish House Mafia. I’m a bit biased toward the “Gemini-esque” sound, but it was arguably the best live dubstep set I’ve heard. UKF is smart to give the young lad his North American introduction–this guy is an international superstar waiting to happen.

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