Jan 10, 2014
Gareth Emery Puts ‘U’ First
Gareth Emery feat. Bo Bruce - U (Original Mix) [Garuda]

Gareth Emery revealed his latest single in full this week, U featuring fellow Brit Bo Bruce.

It’s a “typical” Emery production, in that it’s big, bold, and features a hint of the unusual. There’s a slight feel of Emery’s smash hit Concrete Angel about the break, Bo’s vocal providing a solid performance, but the big, lush chords and pads drop into a tech-trance-style arpeggio that gives the track a twist as well as a uniquely defining sound.

But innovative production aside, what makes U special is the fact that it’s being streamed in full via SoundCloud. It’s live performance, not track sales, that drive the EDM machine, and with appearances at festivals such as Coachella in the cards for this summer, it’s a clever move from Emery to make his music as accessible as possible. Pick up U when it sees an official release Feb. 4.

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